Neighborhoods: Pacifica, CA, USA (Quantum GIS)

This is another map from my Quantum GIS project. I created this map of San Mateo County and the neighborhoods of Pacifica, on top of a global map. So, you can zoom out and zoom in to any other place earth and see the outlines of local streets and homes. If you overlay too much of the map with local information, such as countours, natural features and boundaries, then access would slow down considerably. So, at some point, it make sense to create a new version of the map, and I will likely do this at least at the state level.

The neighborhoods in Pacifica are extracted to a Neighborhoood database in SQL Server. Using the Geograpy features of SQL Server, stored procedures are created to select homes based on their GIS coordinates and neighborhood, and then tag them for subsequent access through more efficient means.

The Neighborhood definitions will be extended to the other cities and regions of San Mateo County, then to other counties of the SF Bay Area.

[arve url="!%2Caddress07!%2Ccity06%2Cca_counties_tiger2016%2Cstreams!%2Clandmarks!&t=FirstProj&e=-13644546%2C4518935%2C-13607060%2C4536567" width="2000" height="1000" fullscreen="enabled-exit" /]
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